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Debut album. “Paradox” is a single 43-­minute composition, divided into 7 distinct tracks. While each track was composed to to have its own buildup, climax, and resolution, the album as a whole follows this pattern as well. The album begins with simple piano melodies, which are gradually complimented by synthesizer ornaments and drones until they burst into an interstellar synth odyssey. This settles into an ambient soundscape, pleasant at first, but slowly darkening until it collapses into cacophony. Finally, the noise erupts into a torrential electronic-/noise-rock climax.

Composed and recorded between September 2012 and August 2014 in Toronto, Canada.


released September 4, 2014

Composition, piano, synthesizer, drum machine, sampling, audio effects, mixing - Scott Drakeford
Guitar, violin, synth drone, album art, creative consulting - James Hayes
Photography, album art, creative consulting - Laird Connor Watt

Found sound in tracks 1 and 2 is quoted from an interview with John Cage, in the documentary "Écoute". (Dir. Miroslav Sebestik, 1992)

Squealing in track 5 was created using a drum sample from the track "Akuma no Kuma" on the album "Altar" by Sunn O))) and Boris. (Southern Lord, 2006)



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Gravity Well Toronto, Ontario

Gravity Well is a synthetic music project from Toronto, Canada, created by Scott Drakeford. Its goal is to explore new areas of creativity in electronic music that move beyond the dance-floor, and toward the intimate textures and empowering orchestration of post-rock. ... more

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Track Name: Paradox I
"When I hear what we call music, it seems to me that someone is talking. And talking about his feelings, or about his ideas; of relationships. But when I hear traffic, the sound of traffic… I don't have the feeling that anyone is talking. I have the feeling that sound is acting, and I love the activity of sound. What it does is it gets louder and quieter, and it gets higher and lower, and it gets longer and shorter. It does all those things, and I'm completely satisfied with that; I don't need sound to talk to me."
Track Name: Paradox II
"There was a German philosopher, who's very well-known, Immanuel Kant. And he said that there are two things that don't have to mean anything. One is music, and the other is laughter.

"People expect listening to be more than listening. And so sometimes they speak of "inner listening", or "the meaning of sound"."

"When I talk about music, it finally comes to people's minds that I'm talking about sound that doesn't mean anything. That it's not inner, but is just outer. And they say, these people who understand that finally say, "You mean it's just sounds?" thinking that for something to just be a sound is to be useless. Whereas I love sounds, just as they are."

"I have no need for them to be anything more than what they are. I don't want them to be psychological; I don't want a sound to pretend that it's a bucket; or that it's President; or that it's in love with another sound. I just want it to be a sound."